Tiger Hysteria

I’m not a big fan of Tiger Woods (he never seems like he’s having any fun out there), but a bit in the Sport Telegraph titled ” Could Woods become just another middle-aged bogeyman?” is just ridiculous. The guy fails to win a Masters and the next thing you knw, he’s a has-been:

Johnny Miller believes that Woods’s putting stroke might be prone to break down in middle-age, just as putting problems eventually got to nearly all the great players with the exception of Nicklaus. The forthcoming majors will further test Miller’s argument. It is a theory that is gaining credence after bad putting cost Tiger the 2005 US Open and the 2006 Masters. In all his previous career I can only recall the putter being a problem at Birkdale in 1998.

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1 thought on “Tiger Hysteria”

  1. Is Tiger expected to win all majors every year?  If he is not at least in a playoff is he all washed up. 

    I think the forces might be a little too great on Tiger right now or at least last week.  If I was going through with my dad what he is, I know my emotions would be a mess.  He may not be overwhelmed, but once he started to get pissed, it probably became more difficult to let go of that and concentrate than it normally is for him.

    Contrast that to Phil, who felt good going into the final round, and appeared to have a blast playing all day.  The only thing surprising about the day was Couples meltdown on the greens as he seemed to be having such a good time, you would think he would be playing great.  Maybe Phil was making fart noises behind him though.

    Could Tiger break 18?  Yes, easily.  Will Tiger?  If he isn’t having fun playing, probably not.  I wonder if Tiger really will be playing at 46—I think at some point it will burn him out and he will walk away from being in the spotlight too long.  But he could always do a Jordan retirement and come back and win 5 more majors.


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