Tour Edge Bazooka Max‐D45 Driver


Tour Edge Max-D45 Golf Driver, Right Hand, Graphite, Stiff, 9-Degree

Tour Edge is the little company that could. Although they eschew the traditional “staff pro” advertising method, Tour Edge clubs can nonetheless be found in the bags of pros. They also offer first rate clubs often at half the price of competitors.

Here’s an example: The Bazooka D45. It has a 460cc titanium head with a sloped crown and aerodynamic shape to improve airflow and thus, swing speed. At impact, the deep face and variable thickness delivers power even on off-center hits. Two internal weight cavities in the rear sole increase forgiveness and moment of inertia. Its just $149 at Amazon. There’s a bargain.

Press release follows:

Get the Max from Tour Edge’s Bazooka Max‐D45 Driver.
Maximum Distance and Great Value for only $149.

Batavia, IL – When Tour Edge’s new Bazooka Max‐D45 driver arrives in golf shops in early March, it will have a unique distinction when compared to its other premium brand competitors. It will be priced at $149‐‐half the price of the other brands.

According to Tour Edge, stunning power and faster swing speeds are normal with the Bazooka Max‐D45 driver. The club’s 460cc titanium head features a deep face and variable face thickness. These features give the D45 a huge sweet spot capable of delivering explosive power and distance even on off‐center hits. It goes without saying that lighter weight equals faster swing speed and longer drives.

Consequently, the D45 has a sloped crown and aerodynamic shape that reduces drag and improves airflow. The head, along with the ultra‐light 55‐gram VTS shaft from UST Mamiya, helps create more swing speed for longer drives.

Sticking to the straight and narrow, the D45 has two internal weight cavities in the rear sole that move weight to the heel and toe for increased forgiveness, reduced club head twisting, and a higher moment of inertia. The combination of a large sweet spot, heel and toe weighting, and a slightly closed club face produces long accurate shots that keep you in the fairway. It is also available in an offset Draw version to help golfers who need to eliminate a slice.

The D45 is the first Bazooka product to feature a white finish. The contrast between the driver’s leading edge and the ground provides you with the best possible visual presentation for accurate ball striking. The more contrast, the easier an object is to see, and the easier it is for you to focus. The result, you’ll hit more shots on the sweet spot for long drives straight down the fairway. Even better, you get Tour Edge’s one of a kind lifetime warranty and 30‐day play guarantee.

Available at $149, the Bazooka Max‐D45 comes with Tour Edge’s lifetime warranty and 30‐day play guarantee. For more information, call (800) 515‐3343 or visit

Located in Batavia, IL, Tour Edge manufacturers and sells golf clubs under the Exotics and Tour Edge brands. The company has forged a name for itself as a producer of high‐quality golf clubs that are hand‐ssembled one set at a time and sold at unbeatable prices. Tour Edge clubs are distributed throughout the United States and the world. Availability ranges from some of the finest green‐grass locations in the country to the largest discount golf shops. Images are available at in the media section of the website.

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