Trevino: Tiger Must Slow Down His Swing

Hall of Famer Lee Trevino says that Tiger must slow down his swing if he’s going to avoid blowing out another knee:

Trevino, a six-time major winner, said the world No. 1 must change the way he “locks” his left knee when attacking the ball or swing the club slower.

“The upside is if he changes it a little bit, if he learns to swing a little bit with the knee breaking, he won’t be able to swing as fast,” Trevino said in a telephone interview from his Dallas home on Friday.

“If he does that, then he’s going to hit the driver straighter. And if he hits the driver straighter, he’ll be a better player than he is and (PGA Tour pros) are in bigger trouble.

“If he doesn’t stop that and he keeps locking his left knee and swinging at the same speed, he’ll blow it out again.

If he’s going to go ahead and lock the knee up, he’s going to have to slow his swing down.”

Trevino says that it’s the knee lock that lets Tiger spin his hips so quickly and generates the distance. He compares Woods to Ian Woosnam, a five-foot-five long bomber. Both lock their left knees, Trevino said. But Woosnam swings considerably slower, avoiding a blow out.

The scary part about this article is that I think Trevino’s right. If Woods does slow down and become more accurate with his clubs, he will be even better than before. Tiger’s real genius isn’t his distance off the tee (although that helps)—it’s his putting and short game.

Think for a moment. What are the two or three Tiger images that are most indelibly etched in your mind? For me, it’s Nike chip-in at Augusta, and the winding “better than most” putt at the Players. I don’t think I can remember a specific drive.

It’ll be interesting to see what Tiger’s game looks like when he returns.

And I’m curious about what your most indelible Tiger memories are. Leave a message in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Trevino: Tiger Must Slow Down His Swing”

  1. Until it is replaced by another Tiger shot, the chip-in on the 17th hole on Saturday of the US Open.  He was in danger of falling further behind Lee Westwood when suddenly he proceeded to one bounce slam dunk his shot for birdie. We all know what happened over the next 2 days.

  2. Trevino is one of the games best and most exciting golfers our game has even seen. He is a legend and his swing was his own. Tiger is a modern player with great skills and is also great to watch but in a different way to Trevino. Love his no no-nonsence approach to the game.


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