When Crabs Attack On The Golf Course

My college roommate emailed me a link to this Instagram video of a crab attacking a golf bag. The video is from Australia (of course).

The guys in the video describe it as a “robber crab,” which a quick Google search shows is more properly known as a “Coconut Crab.” The largest such creature in the world, it can grow up to three feet across and weigh as much as nine pounds. They may live as much as 120 years.

The coconut crab name refers to their usage of coconuts as shells (much like smaller hermit crabs use the shells of other creatures. The “robber crab” nicknames comes from their tendency to carry things off to investigate as possible food.

We don’t have such beasties here in Michigan, but our squirrels are very aggressive because they have learned that push carts usually are stocked with food.

There’s also the now-legendary tale of a Michigan high school student attacked by a goose.

Before you mock that poor kid, you must know that Canada geese are viscous monsters, and as far as I (and a lot of other people) are concerned, an invasive species that needs to be eradicated.

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