Who Are These Guys?

As I’m watching the AT&T Classic ttoday, the one thought that keeps running through my head is “Who are these guys?” There are a bunch of guys at the top of the leaderboard who have game, but with whom I am totally unfamiliar. And if I—a huge golf fan—am unfamiliar with these guys, then your average tv watcher might well think they’ve turned on a Nationwide Tour event.

It points out a problem, I think, for the Tour: that beyond the top fifteen or twenty players, there’s a hundred guys who have little or no name recognition. In short, from a PR standpoint, the Tour is not doing a very good job. For the long-term health of the Tour, they’ve got to promote someone other than Tiger, Phil, Jim and Vijay. There really shouldn’t be a tournament like this one where, absent the top names, it’s just a bunch of unknowns with sticks.

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1 thought on “Who Are These Guys?”

  1. As the saying goes “These guys are good!”, not “Some of these guys are good!”

    If they actually believe what they say, then talk more about someone other then Tiger all the time.


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