Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review

Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review

Wilson Staff D7 Irons Review

Wilson Staff D7 Irons
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: Powerful and attractive

Wilson recently sent a set of their D7 irons with graphite shafts for review. The D7s pack a lot of power while offering some serious player game improvement features. Even better: from address, they don’t really look like game improvement irons.

The core technology of the Wilson D7 is “Progressive Power Hole.” These are urethane-filled slots in the soles of the clubs that are supposed to deliver more distance, while improving feel. Longer irons have more holes to produce more distance, while the shorter irons have fewer power holes for more precision.

The longest of the clubs have three rows of power holes. The wedges have one, or none.

Wilson’s tag line for this is “Distance when you need it, precision when you want it.”  

Wilson’s D7 Irons also feature a thin face and deep cavity for distance and forgiveness. The face is just 2mm thick.

Interestingly, there’s a notch in the hosel, which I think is designed to facilitate loft and lie adjustments

The combination of technologies has created a very powerful set of clubs with impressive distance and a high ball flight. These are as long a set of irons as I have ever played. Longer, even. On my test rounds at my home course — Washtenaw Golf Club — I was carrying shots to the back of a green that I intended to land in front (front of the green at Washtenaw is usually better than long).

Balls come off the D7’s face with a pleasingly powerful and firm feel. These clubs made me feel as though I was really smashing the ball. Lovers of forged blades won’t be satisfied, but the D7 isn’t really designed for that crowd.

The Wilson D7 is — as you would expect from a game improvement iron — a pretty forgiving club. I know that my swing has been off-kilter these past few weeks (back issues), but even on my most awkward, the ball still goes relatively straight and far.

Perhaps the most impressive feat in the design of the D7 is that from address, they don’t look like a fat game improvement iron. The flange on back is slightly noticeable on the longer irons, but that’s it. The D7 is honestly a really attractive iron. I much prefer the look of a player’s iron, with a thinner top line; the D7 is much closer to that ideal than most game improvement clubs.

Lofts on the D7 are strong, but I don’t think that accounts for all of the distance. Shots are high, and have lots of carry.

In the final analysis, I’d recommend these clubs for better players who perhaps are getting a little older (like me) and losing some distance. The Wilson D7s will reward a good swing, even if it’s a bit slower than it used to be. Players who need lots of help with their game might want to take a look at the Wilson Launch Pad Irons.

The Wilson Staff D7 Irons review was first published on GolfBlogger.Com on October 29, 2020.

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