You Might Be A Hack Book Review

You Might Be A Hack

Grade: A

I got this book in the mail the other day, and I have to say that at first, I was a bit … well … underwhelmed. The cover has to be one of the worse I’ve ever seen.

But this book proves the rule about not judging a book by its cover.

What’s inside is screamingly funny if you’ve played a lot of golf.

"You Might Be A Hack" is a variant of the old Jeff Foxworthy line about "You Might Be A Redneck." But the collaborators at Juggo Golf take it one step further: It’s "You MIGHT be a hack if …." and then, "You ARE a hack if …"

Here’s a couple of examples:

"You might be a HACK if: You lose your driver on the course.
"You are a HACK if: You ask in the golf shop if anyone turned one in and when they ask you what kind, you don’t know."

"You might be a HACK if: You pull out an X-Out golf ball on a par 3 over water.
"You are a Hack if: X-out golf balls are the only balls you have."

The authors are right on the mark with most of these two-liners. You certainly will recognize some of the people you’ve played with. Unfortunately, you may also recognize yourself.

After reading it, I’ve resolved to stop doing some of the things that I’ve done. The Golf Blogger does not want to be known as a hack. He’s already known by his wife and kids as a geek. Another title would not be seemly.

I recommend this book as a good stocking stuffer for the golfer in your life. Order it now, and you can have it for Christmas. You can get it by clicking on the banner below:

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