Cable Core Exercises For Golf #FitnessFriday

Cable Core Exercises For Golf #FitnessFriday

In this video, TPI Instructor Matt Scott offers a series of cable core exercises for golf. The good news for me is that I was already doing these things by the time I ran across this video. In my initial fitness assessment/introduction at my local gym, I mentioned golf, and the fitness professional immediately took me to the cable cross machine.

The only thing I would add at this point is one of the short and quick rotations he introduces at around 5:30 into the video.

I have been doing these exercises for more than two years now, and I certainly feel stronger. Along with the other sets in my routine, I give them credit for largely eliminating the nagging back issues I had in my forties. That alone makes the effort worthwhile. I used to lose a week or two of golf every summer fighting through lower back pain.

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