Champ FlyTees Review

Champ Fly tee-3660

Champ Fly Tees
On Amazon: CHAMP Zarma FLYtee

Grade: A+
Teacher’s Comments: Durable

If you look at the bottom of pro golfers’ shoes, you’ll find an inordinate number of them wear Champ Spikes. It turns out Champ makes a good tee, too.

The Champ Fly tees have a six prong crowned top that holds the ball above the cup. That’s supposed to produce less resistance at impact, for more distance. In addition, the lowered friction should create less spin for straighter trajectories. I’m no Iron Byron and have no way to objectively quantify those claims, but I think them likely to be true.

What I do know for certain is that the Champ Flytees are extremely durable. After half a dozen rounds with them, the only reason I don’t have the same number I started with is that a couple went flying to parts unknown.

The only area in which I like these tees less than the tradition wood ones is for use with irons on par threes. I like the way wood tees smash with the irons. The plastic Champ Tees, I think are just a little too tough and deflect the irons.

Originally published April 29 2015

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