Enveed CBD Products Review

Enveed CBD Golf Products Review

Enveed CBD Golf Products Review

Enveed Golf CBD Products
Grade: ? Hard to say, for the reasons below.
Teacher’s Comments: I think they work. But that may just be a placebo effect.

Enveed is one of a growing number of companies that produce products harnessing CBD’s medicinal properties. CBD is a chemical component of the Cannibis plant, but does not cause intoxication. Instead, it is thought to be able to treat inflammatory disorders, anxiety, depression, seizures and neurodegenerative disorders. The products are free of the THC that cause marijuana’s high.

Enveed sent three different products for testing: A roll-on for topical pain relief; a tincture of oils for pain relief; and a gummy for sharpening mental focus.

I find it difficult to do reviews of health products because there is no way to determine whether they are actually effective, or if the placebo effect is in operation.

The topical pain roll-on had the most obvious benefits for me. It works at least as well — if not better — than other topical roll-on products I have tried. Enveed CBD Roll-On Pain Relief has the menthol smell that I’ve come to associate with topical pain relievers and contains many of the usual ingredients such as Arnica Montana, Lemon Oil and Aloe Vera. The difference, of course is the Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, which is the first ingredient in the list.

Using the Enveed CBD Roll-On on sore muscles — and in particular on my sore hands — seems to work pretty well.

The Enveed Relief Tincture suspends Full Spectrum Hemp Extract in a Medium Chain Triglyceride oil. With this, you put a few drops under the tongue and hold it there long enough to allow the CBD to absorb.

As with the Enveed CBD Roll-on, my impression is that it has some benefit. I’ve actually used it before a round or weight lifting sessions and have felt as though I was not as sore afterwards as I otherwise may have been.

Still, I will caution that this is just a feeling. There’s no way to know if this is real or the placebo effect.

I was not as pleased with the Enveed Clarity Gummies. I tried them on two occasions and decided not to give them a third try. Rather than feeling clarity, I felt strangely unfocused. It was as though I was drifting peaceably through the round. I didn’t like the sensation.

But again, there’s no way to really tell whether it was the CBD gummies, or some other factor that I can’t account for.

I will say this, though. I have a 75 year old golf buddy who swears by CBD products. He says that his doctor has told him that the arthritis in his back is so bad that he shouldn’t be able to walk more than a few steps at a time. But he doesn’t walk a few steps; he walks whole rounds. He credits CBD oils for his defiance of medical diagnosis.

In the end, I think these products are worth considering if you deal with chronic aches and pains. Use caution, of course. Check with your doctor before starting et. al.

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