Hogan’s Five Lessons Still Number One In Golf Books

I was browsing the Amazon golf books tonight, and when I sorted it all by popularity, Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf came out as number one.

I wonder how long this book has been on the golf bestsellers list. More to the point, I wonder if it has ever NOT been in the top two or three.

I will confess that it is not a book that I was able to process. Like many golfers, it was the first instruction book someone recommended, and the first I read. But it didn’t click. I’m a much bigger fan of The Plane Truth for Golfers Perhaps, though, with many years of golfing experience under my belt, I should revisit Hogan’s Five Lessons. There HAS to be a reason that it is so popular.


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1 thought on “Hogan’s Five Lessons Still Number One In Golf Books”

  1. I’ve never read it myself but I know it gets mentioned so many times by instructors worldwide during their teaching. This in itself gives it great credibility for what it offers by one of the games greats.


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