Kickstarters For Golfers – February 5, 2018

New Kickstarters for golfers this week are a silicon golf ball ring, a putting training mat, an anti-slice.hook tee, and a weight to help straighten your shots.


Golf Ball Rings

The Pitch: A silicon ring can be more comfortable and safer than a traditional metal one, especially during work, or athletic endeavors.

 Why I Might Be Interested: My hand often gets pinched when playing golf with my gold wedding ring.

Why I’m Holding Back: Thirty five bucks seems a lot to pay for a silicon ring.


The Pitch: The creators are selling this on the strengths of the high quality materials, and the markings which are designed to help players develop their awareness of speed and line.

 Why I Might Be Interested: Putting is one area of the golf game that I can practice all year round here in Michigan

Why I’m Holding Back: I have a room with a pretty good carpet.



RecTeeFlier Golf Tee

 The Pitch: The tee can correct hooks and slices.

 Why I Might Be Interested: Who doesn’t hook and slice?

Why I’m Holding Back: It cannot possibly be legal.


Straight Shot Pro

The Pitch: The weight is designed to force the club head to stay straight at impact.

 Why I Might Be Interested: Who doesn’t hook and slice?

Why I’m Holding Back: If it was this simple, every major manufacturer would have done it by now.


And a few still in the pipeline:

Huge Golf Balls

The Pitch: It’s a two piece ball that is supposed to increase your confidence and inject a measure of humor into the game.

Why I Might Be Interested: I sincerely believe golf needs more independent producers.

Why I’m Holding Back: As far as I can tell, it’s just a generic two piece ball. The humor is sophomoric.



Agile Modular Backpack

The Pitch: A premium backpack for travelers, photographers and adventurers. The three way carry design — suitcase, briefcase, backpack — is nice.

Why I Might Be Interested: I love the way this backpack organizes things.

Why I’m Holding Back: Do I need another backpack?

Jolly Golf: Tutor To Improve Your Short Game

The Pitch: Jolly Golf is an aluminum device that attaches to your clubs for short game practice sessions. The device is designed to block incorrect wrist movements, encourage proper rotation of the shoulder and develop proper rhythm in the swing. The producers also suggest that for beginners, it can get them into the game more quickly.

Why I Might Be Interested: It looks like something I could tuck into my bag and practice with while waiting on slow days at the course.

PuttMate Gravity Powered Putt Ramp

The Pitch: Designed to help with putting practice, the PuttMate is a ramp with a hole in the front and a collection box in the rear. Missed putts are automatically returned. Putts made are collected in the box.

Why I Might Be Interested: Winters are long here in Michigan, and putting is something nearly everyone can do to stay in touch with the game.



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