LPGA Using Carts This Week

Now here’s something you don’t see every day: the LPGA is using carts at this week’s tournament at the MasterCard Classic at BosqueReal Country Club in
Mexico City, Mexico. The Golf Channel commentators explained that it’s becuase of the great distances between the holes and the altitude—they’re at over 7,874 feet. It probably doesn’t help that Mexico City has the worst air quality in the world.

I’m watching the tournament on TiVo, and just caught a glimpse of Sorenstam whizzing away in a cart.

She was driving.

I thought that was funny, at first, and was prepared to make a joke about it. But then I got to wondering if it is more advantageous to drive than to ride. It seems to me that if you are driving, it is easier to concentrate on the course and the game. Riding in the shotgun seat may just be too passive.

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1 thought on “LPGA Using Carts This Week”

  1. Some of that distance is up and down. I played a course like that in Kentucky and one in Georgia…175 yard par three but 1000 yards form tee box to green.


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