Max Homa Understands Golfers

Max Homa Understands Golfers

I ran across this “meme” in my recent social media feeds.

In it, Max Homa neatly summarizes the thinking process of everyone who has ever played the game — from the lowly hacker to elite professionals:

In all seriousness, everyone who has ever played the game of #golf, especially if they do it professionally, is always one bad swing away from considering retirement. They’re also one swing away from thinking they can win The Masters. We’re a wildly psychotic bunch.

– Max Homa


There’s an old joke in golf that goes something like swing: (swing) I hate golf. (swing) I hate golf. (swing. nice shot) I love golf

On the worst of days, it often takes only one pure swing to bring us back again.

I always thought “the one shot that brings you back” was an amateur golfer’s thing; apparently pros can have the same feeling.

I have those days when I feel as though I can do no wrong; when all the stars align. It is all relative of course. For me, all the stars aligning means I break 80 with ease; for pros I am sure it is one of those fleeting flirtations with a 59.

On the flip side, I have more than once thought: that’s it. I quit. The game, with its expenses of time, money and energy, is only producing frustration.

And then I hit that magic shot and my tortured golfing soul is revived.

I think that this is just another reason why golf is so compelling. At some level, hackers can experience the same feeling as the very best at the game. The weekend golfer can play many of the same courses as the Major Champions. Amateurs can play the same equipment as the pros (although they probably shouldn’t). Everyone who plays regularly has had that long snaking putt that finds its way into the hole.

Ultimately, the loss of a connection between hacker and pro is what concerns me about efforts to bifurcate the rules of golf. I wonder what will be lost when the pros are playing under different rules from amateurs.

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