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No Three Putts is a new golf blog. Author Larry writes:

I say it like it is. I will not conform to norm. This is not your typical golf commentary. My opinions are what all you hackers out there think, but are too lazy or chicken to say. FORE!

2 thoughts on “No Three Putts Website”

  1. When A golfer is getting crushed by another,
    should he quit playing the round or should he
    play it out???

  2. This is not basketball, or football or even tennis. No one can be crushed by another golfer. He plays his game, you play yours. Your score is in relation to par, not to the other player. There is nothing the other golfer can do, under the rules, to prevent you from achieving par. So the question is irrelevant. You play out all the holes, doing the best you can.


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