Playing Garland’s Fountains Course

Playing Garland’s Fountains Course

Garland Lodge and Golf Resort recently invited me out for a round on their Fountains course.

It was a great experience.

The Fountains is classic Up North Michigan golf, with plenty of forest, marsh and elevation changes. I found holes with plenty of room off the tees that became much more difficult in the approach. The greens were set against hillsides, wrapped behind marsh or had plunging sides.

Putting was challenging. Each green was like playing a Himalaya putting course, with multiple tiers, exaggerated mounding and double breaks. One I measured was 40 yards deep with a giant mound on the right. My first putt rolled right off the green and down a hillside. After several more practice putts, I found the proper play was to aim right ninety degrees away from the hole with a decisive lag stroke. The ball then went up and over one mound, headed forty-five degrees left and then curved across a flattish area to near the hole.

I love a putting challenge. I think I could enjoy myself at The Fountains over multiple rounds just trying to puzzle out the greens.

Conditions on the Fountains were really good, although heavy rains the night before had left some soggy, leading to a “carts at 90 degrees” rule.

I wish I could have walked. Fountains is absolutely walkable by anyone who is even moderately fit. Given the “90 degree” and “no carts on par threes” rules, I would have played faster than I did in a cart.

I’ll have a full review in the relatively near future.

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