It’s National Cocktail Day!

It’s National Cocktail Day! While we sit ride out the Coronavirus Pandemic, take some time … Read more.

It’s National Coffee Day!

September 29 is National Coffee Day. I don’t know who sets these dates, but the end of September seems as good a date as any.

Good Walk Coffee Review

Good Walk Coffee Review Grade: A Teacher’s Comments: Great as a cold brew with a little sweet cream. I think I’d like it hot as well.

McClure’s Pickles Review

McClure’s Pickles
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: My new favorite pickles

In The Mail: Iwon Organics Protein Snacks

Iwon Organics Protein SnacksManufacturer’s SiteOn Amazon In the mail for review is a selection of … Read more.

Turkey Is In The Smoker

I got up at 4 am to put the turkey in the smoker. Smoked meat … Read more.

Chicken and Waffles At Sea Island Grille

Objectively speaking, Chicken and Waffles does not sound very good. But the combination is terrific. … Read more.

Jim Beam Bourbon Fire Storm

It was a bad day for Jim Beam. First, a bolt of lightning destroyed a … Read more.

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