The Leprechaun Plays Golf

The Leprechaun Plays Golf

Last hole, par three, Pat takes his stand,
A leprechaun with club in hand.
A tricky shot, he swings away
Hoping it's his lucky day.

The ball soars high, a graceful flight,
Towards the hole, a perfect sight.
But alas, it's far too long
Pat didn't know he was that strong

Undeterred, Pat makes a chip
Just past the hole the ball does slip
Pat putts it in, a gentle tap,
He makes a par, the lucky chap.

Pat wins the match and jumps with glee,
And dances in his victory.
Pot O' Gold won, Pat's on his way,
To play again some other day.

- The Golf Blogger

Image via StableDiffusion AI. Poem by me after I tried to get an AI to write a golf poem and decided I could do better. The AI had a really hard time using golf terms correctly.

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