Varispeed Putting System Review

The Varispeed Putting System

Varispeed Putting System Review

Varispeed Putting System
Grade: A
Teacher’s Comments: a very nice practice surface that — amazingly — offers variable stimp.

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What sets the Varispeed Putting mat apart from its hundreds of competitors is that it gives golfers the opportunity to practice at four different stimps.

The nap of the Varispeed mat in its disturbed state.

The mat’s surface is composed of fibers that either slow or hasten the speed of the putt depending upon how it is brushed. The direction in which the putt is made offers further variability.

When the nap of the mat lies flat, putting in one direction simulates a stimp of 13; in the other, the effect is of a stimp of 11. When the nap is disturbed, one direction has a stimp of 10, while the other a stimp of 7.5.

The nap of the Varispeed putting system mat laid flat.

With the four speeds, the Varispeed lets a golfer practice what is likely the most important part of putting: the speed.

If a golfer can’t control the speed of the putt, there is no hope of properly playing a break. Without speed control, balls will come up short, or hit the edge of the cup and careen away.

My home course — Washtenaw Golf Club — has greens that are as fast as any I’ve found at high end country clubs, so I have spent much of my time with the Varispeed at its higher speeds. However, I also play quite a bit of golf at daily fee courses around Michigan, so I’ve worked with the Varispeed’s slower modes as well.

Another neat feature of the Varispeed Putting system is a break wedge. This is a piece of black plastic with flexible metal strips on the back. The strips can be bent to a desired shape, and the wedge placed under the mat to create a break.

I honestly haven’t used the break wedge much, although it works very well. When practicing my stroke indoors, my focus is on starting and then keeping the ball on a straight line.

It is very easy to see how your putt has proceeded with the Varispeed. The fibers on the mat leave an impression on the mat as the ball passes over them. If you are not keeping it on the center line, you’ll know where and when it deviated.

The underside of the Varispeed mat

The edges of the Varispeed mat are neatly and solidly stitched. The back has an interesting array of small rubber nubs to keep the mat in place.

I think that the mat should last quite a long time.

The Varispeed Putting System is GolfBlogger tested, approved and recommended.

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