My Golf Go Bag For Michigan’s Shoulder Seasons

My Golf Go Bag For Michigan's Shoulder Seasons
My golf go bag

My Golf Go Bag For Michigan’s Shoulder Seasons Has Me Prepared For As Many Weather Contingencies As I Can Imagine

When you play golf in Michigan during the shoulder seasons (March – April; September – October), you need to be prepared for anything. We could have sunny weather in the 80s … or snow.

This April has been a case in point: On April 6 and 7, 2021, temperatures reached 80 degrees. It was 72 on April 10. April 9, the high dropped to 55. By April 15, the high was 46. This upcoming Tuesday, snow is predicted.

In March 2021 the mercury registered several days in the 70s, as well as many in the 30s.

Some years ago, when I coached high school girls golf, it snowed during the playoffs — in May. A couple of summers ago, I played a round at Greywalls in Marquette in July where the temperatures did not get above 50 while winds howled off Lake Superior.

I often will stop for a round on the way home from work, but the weather in the morning in Michigan is a poor predictor of weather in the afternoon.

As an old Eagle Scout, I try to be prepared for every contingency. Thus, I have developed a Golf Go Bag that I keep in my car along with my clubs.

My golf go bag contains:

To store it all, I use a huge Adidas Defender 3 bag.

Also, not in the bag, but in the car are a couple of different weights of hat. I prefer fedora / western style hats with wide brims to baseball caps, so I have a couple of different weights of Tilley hats: winter, medium and hot weather. I also have an umbrella stashed.

The kit has served me very well over the years. I was fully prepared for that round in the fifties at Greywalls, while the others in my group were shivering and miserable. I never emerge from my building after work and think: I didn’t bring the right clothes; I can’t play today.

Be Prepared. Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance.

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