Michigan Course Reviews

Moose Ridge, South Lyon, Michigan
Moose Ridge, South Lyon, Michigan

Here you’ll find a list of some 138 Michigan golf courses that I’ve played, photographed and reviewed.

In my reviews, I place top priority on fun. As a bogey golfer, I look for opportunities to test my mental and physical game, but do not enjoy being embarrassed by a course that requires constant heroic play. In my mind, a good course offers players a variety of options with commensurate levels of risk and reward.

I’m also quite budget conscious. Under those parameters, I will often prefer an unpretentious but solid $25 muni over a high end course that doesn’t quite live up to its own lofty advertising copy. My favorite course charges a buck a hole, but has greens as good as you’ll find anywhere. The fairways are as much weed as grass, but it is all grown in and always neatly mown. Now THAT’S a bargain.

Finally, preference is given to courses that permit walking. Golf is a walking game and these epic courses with holes a mile apart are an epic fail in my book.

Reviews are based on my impressions of the course on the day(s) I played, and it should be noted that conditions and on occasion even the layout may have changed since I played.

and a few not in Michigan:

and a few not in Michigan:

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